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NovoBlox OTP Memory Smartbit® technology-based antifuse OTP Memory IP significantly reduces costs by implementing highly reliable antifuse technology in standard logic CMOS without additional process steps.

Novocell's Smartbit bit cell design and unique dynamic programming technology avoids the data retention issues associated with floating gate designs with their OTP memory products. Unlike polysilicon (polyfuse) or laser fuses (e-fuse), it is possible to route over SmartBit-based NVM IP, therefore consuming no additional chip area.

Smartbit technology-based antifuse OTP NVM provides SoC chip designers with an extremely high reliability NVM solution without the need to waste precious chip area on error correction circuitry or redundant bits, and provides our exclusive DONE signal confirming programming completion of the bit cells. 

The programming process contains the breakdown voltage entirely within the memory core and supports programming at wafer, in package, or in circuit.

Learn more about our silicon-proven, highly reliable Smartbit technology antifuse OTP, our products, and contact Novocell to learn how our advanced OTP memory technology can save your engineers time and cost in chip development— today!

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SST To Sponsor TowerJAZZ Symposiums in China, Israel, and United States

San Jose, CA and Hermitage, PA  Sept. 6, 2013 — Silicon Storage Technology (SST), TowerJAZZ logoa wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip, Inc., and Novocell Semiconductor, Inc. (Novocell) have announced that SST will be a sponsor of the autumn series of TowerJAZZ Symposiums to be held in Shanghai, China, Kibbutz Ga'ash, Israel, and Irvine, California, USA during the next three months. 

The first of these "Around the Globe" symposia, to be held in the Grand Hyatt, Shanghai on September 24, 2013, will feature special presentations on CMOS image sensors, mixed signal/CMOS, and TOPS & MEMS, as well as other presentations of interest. Sponsor presentations, including a presentation by SST, will also be included in the agenda.

On October 9, SST will be a key sponsor the the executive-level, invitation-only TowerJAZZ Symposium to be held in Kibbutz Ga'ash, Israel. A variety of special interest presentations are on the agenda, and the evening will close with a dinner and special musical performance.

Finally, on November 12 and 13, the Hyatt Regency, Irvine, will be host to the United States TGS 2013, where the theme will be ""From Innovation to Manufacturing for a Smart World." Presentations will highlight new technologies, their inceptions, their potential, and how TowerJazz has enabled efficient multi-sourcing and quick ramp to volume production. SST is a Gold Sponsor for the event, and will have a number of representatives on hand to discuss IP licensing arrangements. 

Microchip Technology Subsidiary SST and Novocell Semiconductor Announce Acquisition of Novocell by SST

SST LogoChandler, Ariz. and Austin, Texas June 3, 2013 — Microchip Technology Inc. [NASDAQ: MCHP], a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, through its Silicon Storage Technology (SST) subsidiary, and Novocell Semiconductor, Inc. (Novocell) today announced that Microchip and SST have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Novocell.  The acquisition was approved by the Boards of Directors of each company and is being announced today at the 2013 Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Austin, Texas.  The terms of the deal are confidential.  The transaction is expected to close in early June 2013 and is expected to be immediately accretive on a non-GAAP basis.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Novocell and are expecting great things as we integrate the technology into our ever-expanding portfolio of IP solutions,” said Mark Reiten, vice president of Technology Licensing for SST, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip.  “This acquisition provides our customers with valuable and differentiated technology and helps us to enable their designs with an even more comprehensive set of solutions, expanding our position as a leading memory IP supplier.”

“We are extremely happy to become part of SST and the Microchip family and are excited by the strategic possibilities available to us, moving forward, from both a business as well as a technology perspective,” stated Walter Novosel, Novocell’s president and chief technical officer.  “Novocell has continued to grow its portfolio of non-volatile-memory IP solutions since its inception, and we fully expect the technology to see an increased adoption from joining a leader like SST in the memory IP market.  With SST’s offerings in the high-density arena, we can concentrate on not only expanding our customer base, but also growing the footprint that SST has built with customers worldwide in low-density OTP and MTP memory.”

Under the acquisition agreement, Novocell will become a wholly owned subsidiary of SST, a Microchip company.  SST and Novocell are committed to a seamless customer transition.  SST plans to invest in continuing, designing, developing and extending Novocell’s product portfolio and roadmap.

Smartbit Antifuse OTP NVM Memory Validated at IBM Foundry at Processes from 350nm to 130nm

Novocell's Memory IP is Authorized as “Ready for IBM Technology” at IBM Foundry  

Dec. 11, 2012 — San Jose, CA   Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has announced the completion of multi-node intellectual property validation within IBM Foundry’s “Ready for IBM Technology” program. Novocell Semiconductor offers the industry's broadest portfolio of NVM solutions in IBM technologies, with OTP solutions available, qualified and validated within the “Ready for IBM Technology” program from 350nm through 130nm.

Walt Novosel, President of Novocell, stated, “We have been working with IBM Foundry for some time now to provide our high reliability and high yield NVM memory solutions to IBM foundry customers in the consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, and military industry segments.”

With a product line that includes specially engineering IP product lines for applications such as trimming, calibration, feature enablement, configuration, authentication, code storage, and more, in densities ranging from as small as 8 bits to as large as 10Mbits, Novocell Semiconductor’s Smartbit™-based antifuse has acquired a reputation as the most complete, high reliability NVM product line available.

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Novocell Semiconductor Announces NVM IP Tape Out at IBM Trusted Foundry 32nm SOI

United States Military Contractors Benefit from 100% Reliable Anti-Fuse OTP NVM at Advanced Node

Sept. 18, 2012 -  San Jose, CA   Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has announced the successful tape out of the firm’s Smartbit™-based non-volatile memory (NVM) in a 32nm SOI process at IBM’s foundry in cooperation with the Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO). 

The customer selected Novocell Semiconductor’s intellectual property (IP) based on the technology’s reputation for reliability, the company’s history of innovation, and customer licensing flexibility.  Novocell continues their record of industry leadership with this announcement, further extending their Smartbit-based family of antifuse OTP to the 32nm advanced node.

Walt Novosel, President of Novocell, stated, “We are pleased to announce this latest demonstration of our long term tradition of innovation and leadership by advancing our innovative product offerings to this advanced node to serve current and future customers’ needs.  Novocell continues to work closely with customers to develop the most reliable NVM in our category and to offer our patented Smartbit™ OTP NVM technology at the most cutting edge technologies.”   

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Novocell Announces Completion of Mil-Spec and Automotive IP Qualifications and Radiation Tolerance

Smartbit-based OTP NVM Survives Exposure to Extremes of High Temperature and Radiation While Maintaining Data

August 10, 2012 -  Hermitage, PA   Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in embedded, high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has responded to the demands of their growing number of military, aerospace, and automotive industry customers, announcing today that their Smartbit™-based antifuse OTP memory designs have completed the rigorous exposure to long term high temperature exposure required for Military and Automotive applications, as well as survived extended exposure to radioactive Cobalt-60 necessary to establishing Rad-Hard (radiation hardened) status.

Within the past year, Novocell Semiconductor has extended the routine high temperature operating life (HTOL) temperature range to provide ...

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Novocell Semiconductor announces expansion of the firm’s OTP NVM product line

Product expansion, innovation, and rebranding characterize suite of Novocell OTP NVM products to serve SoC and fabless firms

July 5, 2012 - Hermitage, PA   Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in embedded, high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has announced an expansion of their immediately available intellectual property (IP) product line.  As the semiconductor market has continued to evolve, differentiated requirements for highly reliable memory storage have grown in such segments as wireless handheld communications, mobile and tablet computing, global positioning system (GPS) equipment, integrated automotive sensing, monitoring, communications and entertainment, and industrial automation and controls, security and encryption, and military and aerospace applications.

“Our core antifuse-based OTP Smartbit™ technology was first patented in 2001 and 2002, and created a solid foundation for our first ten years,” stated Walt Novosel, President and CTO, “Since then, our customer-driven focus has led to numerous innovations in our original high reliability Smartbit-based NVM IP to best service specific system on chip (SoC) market segments. Our announcement today unveils our full line of NVM products to fully serve our customers’ needs, from 8bit register OTP, to specialty trimming and calibration OTP, to 4Mbit ultra-high density code storage and configuration OTP, to 1000x multi-time write hybrid OTP/MTP.” All Novocell products continue to be based on the fundamental Smartbit technology, and provide the highest level of programming and storage reliability and security available in the OTP segment, particularly at low power, advanced process nodes.


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Novocell Semiconductor and ChipStart announce renewal of global sales representation agreement

ChipStart to continue to represent Novocell's Smartbit-based one-time programmable non-volatile memory IP to fabless semiconductor industry.

May 29, 2012 -  Hermitage, PA,   Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has announced the renewal of their global sales representation agreement with ChipStart, the industry’s trusted source for semiconductor IP.  ChipStart was selected based on the companies’ mutual successful experience licensing Novocell’s industry leading, Smartbit-based OTP IP and longstanding solid relationship.  Under the agreement, ChipStart will continue to provide value-added representation and their decades of experience assisting fabless semiconductor firms to aid in driving the continued growth in the use of Novocell IP globally.

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Novocell Smartbit™ OTP Memory IP significantly reduces costs by implementing highly reliable antifuse technology in standard logic CMOS, without additional process steps.

The entire Smartbit-based OTP family avoids the data retention issues associated with floating gate memory. Unlike polysilicon or laser fuses, it is possible to route over Novobits, NovoBytes and NovoHD, thus consuming no additional chip area.

With the Novocell Smartbit design, our anti-fuse oxide breakdown high voltage is contained entirely within the bit cell itself, and supports programming at wafer, in package, or in circuit.

Learn more by downloading our detailed product information briefs and specifications PDF or contact us for a tailored presentation today!